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Nutrition, “a Wisdom of Food,” includes everything in your food, like water, minerals, protein, Fats and dietary fiber. It involves furnishing our bodies with healthy food for growth, nourishment, and good physical health.


Why should we take a healthy Diet?

“A sound body has a sound Mind” It’s essential for us to input healthy diets to perform our daily social n domestic tasks with full attention n energy. An unhealthy diet is not the key to a healthy body n mind.Nutrition

Sources of Nutrition:

The main source of nutrition includes cereals, vegetables, fruits, spare flesh, Fish, whole grains, Dairy Products and Nuts.

Benefits of Nutrients:

A Diet with balanced nutrients lowers the chances of chronic Health threats like Heart conditions, Cancer, Diabetes, rotundity, and hyperactive pressure. Essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates are essential for diabetic diets.

Vitamins are demanded by the body to grow and develop normally. A person’s body needs 13 types of Vitamins. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. Minerals Calcium, Potassium, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, and sodium are the essential minerals needed for a healthy diet.

Digestion of nutrients:

It occurs in different body organs. Digestion of Starches starts from the mouth. Vegetables and fruits are the main sources of vitamins,

and are digested in the stomach, and the vitamins are absorbed from the bowel lining into the bloodstream. Water and minerals are absorbed in the bowel lining into the bloodstream.

Proteins are first digested in the stomach. Water is the main component in the digestion and immersion process. Water is essential in producing digestive authority, immersion of nutrients, blood and metabolic processes in the body.

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Nutrients By Age:

Three types of age group needs a diet according to their age.

  1. Children( cereals, milk) .

Teens( Milk, Vitamins, spare Food).

Old Grown-ups( Minerals, Vitamins)

should we take a healthy diet? “A sound body has a sound Mind” It’s essential for us to input healthy diets to perform our daily social n domestic tasks with full attention n energy. A stylish diet is not the key to a healthy body n mind.

A deficiency of nutritional scarcities results in chronic conditions. It is the condition where there’s a shy force of essential nutrients to the tissues.

When an insufficiency is linked, a supplement of the missing nutrient is supplied to the person, reversing the insufficiency’s goods. Understanding the locally available foods helps in relating the situations of nutrients in every food type.


Disadvantages of intemperateness of Nutrients.

” redundant of anything is bad” input of redundant nutrients causes severe poisoning and stomach conditions.

Nutrition is the input of essential nutrients and sufficient quantities of water to the body for optimal performance of the body. The diet should be balanced to avoid scarcities which beget conditions and other chronic affections.

Since there are different types of foods, understanding salutary requirements in regard to exertion situations by the body is important. This ensures that the diet matches with the body’s energy conditions. People from different age groups bear different diets because their salutary conditions vary with the conditioning they do.

Good nutrition ensures an optimal force of the needed nutrients to the body, and a balanced relief of the nutrients should be observed. The input of redundant nutrients should also be observed; this causes severe poisoning. To maintain healthy nutrition, a person must always have a balanced diet.


Health is wealth. We all need to be veritably choosy and caring in our diet matters. A good diet is one with a balance of all nutrients to support the energy conditions without surpassing the needed quantum.

Nutritive scarcities result in Chronic diseases. Excessive Intake of these nutrients brings negative goods like rotundity because it’s veritably hard for the mortal body to digest redundant energy.

To maintain healthy food, a person must always have a balanced diet. At the end of this, I would like to mention or suggest that we should be veritably conscious of food selection ,

as it’s a veritably essential part of our lives and significantly impacts our internal and physical health, society, and terrain. Thus we should ensure that the food we’re consuming will be proven as a healthy diet.

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