Understanding mental health causes and treatment

Understanding mental health causes and treatment
Mental health

Mental health.

The concept of “mental health” pertains to a person’s deeds, emotions, including ways of thinking. Additionally, it helps fight conditions including addiction history, bipolar illness, anxiety, and mood disorders that affect mental performance. From childhood to maturity, all stages of life are affected by mental health.

Individuals’ psychological wellness is just as important as their physical wellness regarding how well it is maintained.  

If we consider depressive disorders as an example, it harms physical health and raises the possibility of acquiring major conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Similarly, if you suffer from extreme physical diseases, your mental health suffers.

If we talk about another disorder, i.e., anxiety, we could have multiple experiences within ourselves and around us, which gives us the true definition of anxiety. Anxiety is a difficult experience in childhood, teenage, or adulthood that lead to stress and trauma, which triggers mental health badly.

Here the question arises, how could we identify anxiety in ourselves or around us?

The answer is simple yet brief: anxiety symptoms include nervousness, being tensed, panic attacks, an increase in heart rate, fast breathing, sweating, trembling, feeling sluggish or tired, and lack of concentration due to the fear of someone or something.

These are some common symptoms defined to identify the anxious person and help them in the most possible ways.

Anxiety disorders are the same as other kinds of mental illness. They don’t come from personal weakness or upbringing problems. Researchers are identifying what causes anxiety disorders. But they were somehow determined by the following circumstances.

Mental health

 Mental health causes chemical imbalance:

Long-lasting stress could change the chemical balance that influences your mood. Anxiety disorder happens when you face a lot of stress over a longer period.  


Anxiety disorder sometimes tends to run in families. You might inherit those disorders from one parent or both, just like your physical feat.

Environmental aspects:

If you ever have experienced a trauma that might trigger the anxiety disorder, especially with someone who has started with excessive risk.

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Is anxiety carable?

Yes, when the patient gets to the hospital as soon as possible, it can be cured and treated better. To identify an anxiety condition, a physical examination, questions regarding the symptoms, and a blood test recommendation would be made.  

Other than this, anxiety could be prevented with exercise, yoga, deep breathing, meditation, reading, socializing, or peacefully walking in the fresh air.

If we briefly talk about the two major treatments for anxiety disorders, psychotherapy and medications. An individual could be cured with either one or both of them.


It is also known as conversational therapy or psychological counseling. It involves a therapist who works on your anxiety symptoms that triggers your mental health.


Multiple medicines are used to prevent anxiety disorder. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are also used for the treatment of anxiety disorders.
But before using medicines, consult a therapist once and only take the prescribed medications that help cure the anxiety much better.


Living with a disorder of anxiety is challenging. Fast heartbeat, pressure, sweating, lethargy, or panic attacks are a few of its symptoms.

However, you need not be concerned because it is treatable and highly successful. Talking with the therapist, changing the environment,

meditation, exercise, or medication could help cure the anxiety disorder in less time, and they would help you feel relaxed and energetic. 

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