Waseem Badami.


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Waseem Badami.

Waseem Badami (Urdu: وسیم بدامی) is a Pakistani television host and news anchor.

who currently hosts a political talk show 11th Hour on ARY News.

Waseem Badami.

Waseem Badami.png
Waseem Badami in 2017

7 February 1985 (age 38).


MBA Marketing.


Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology.


News Anchor

Years active
ARY News.


Wife Name.
Mahira Fatima.

Adil Abbas (son).

Waseem Badami lover her mother very much many pics shows with her mother.

Waseem badami has one sister and One brother.



Badami started his career by giving traffic updates on radio during that he was studying at SZABIST.

After that he joined Business Plus channel as a researcher.

Later his sheer hard work gave him reward and out of thousands of,

people he got selected for ARY News in 2006..

and there he started his career as a journalist,

and an anchor person.

Later, he left the channel in October 2014 and subsequently joined BOL Network as an Executive,

Vice President and Senior Anchorperson.

In April 2015, he resigned from BOL News,
and rejoined ARY News.

] He also hosts Shan-e-Ramazan on ARY Digital.

He is famous for his “Masoomana Sawal” which has become his identity.


He Tell story of Masoomana sawal in many shows,

He said when he start his career in Achor field ,

Yai b parhye.

he was very young and when I asked some serious,

question from guests in show hee laughed at me,

And not give the proper answer of the Qustion,

I was worried, I thought what should I do so that this guest would listen,

to me with full attention, I said to a guest during the program one such day
, let me ask you a stupid question.
Then one day in another show,

I asked a guest to ask you an innocent question.

When I came out,

the senior head of ARY asked me what was the word you used inside.

Some innocent question. I said yes, it was an innocent question.

He asked me use it,
It’s become Ur identity.

I didn’t think it would happen,

but I started using it on my head,

so what’s wrong with it, and it gradually became my identity…

He also hosts a cricket-related show,

Har Lamha Purjosh mainly during Pakistan Super League.

He invites many Celebarties in that show.

In 2017, Badami partnered up with Hemani Herbals and launched organic,

products and skin care brand named “WB” after his initials.

The product was launched in Dubai followed by Karachi.

In 2022, Waseem started his podcast show on YouTube, “Podcast with Waseem Badami”


Shaheed Junaid jamashad was very close friend of Waseem badmi,

after death of shaheed Junaid Jamshed,

Waseem badmi very upset and feel alone for some time…

Iqrar’ Ul Hassan and Yasir shami,

also best and close friends of Waseem badmi..


In 2016, he was awarded “Favorite Current Affairs Anchor – Male” award by Agahi Award.

In 2018, his brand WB by Hemani got “Emerging brand of the year” award.

In 2019, he won the 10th Pakistan Achievement Award for the “Best Ramadan Transmission Host”.

Shan e Ramazan.

Pakistani live television show.

Waseem badami very talented person in many field.

Waseem badami recite naat his voice is very beautiful.

Waseem Badami is poetry lover..

Waseem badami is very hembal person.

Story of badami.

In a Some show, the anchor asked ,

Waseem Badami, why does Badami sound like your name?

Do you eat a lot of almonds?

They said that in our forefathers,

all of them used to trade in almonds.

That’s why people called me badami.

He is a food lover Also.

Waseem badami is very sensitive person.

In the showbiz field Waseem badami liked Naleem Munir” actress.

Waseem badami wife Mahira do hijab and don’t like to go Any Tv show.

Waseem badami is main character of Shan e Ramzan transmission.

He do sehri transmission, then aftari transmission,

then 11th hour show.
Very busy schedule in Ramazan.

He also helps poor and needy.

Waseem badami is A Tea lover person,

his mostly pictures with the cup of Tea.

Waseem badami is A pictures lover most of times, I thought ,

he kept one photographar with him also.

Because every pose every moment pictures show.

When only one channel PTV Waseem badami liked Talat Hassain.

Waseem badami wish to go to Tv he struggle very much,

and become A Famous person.

He performe Hajj Last year in 2022 and Umra this year 2023.

Waseem badami is my favourite personality.

Hope so you All liked My informational Artical,
about Waseem badami.


Rabty k lya.

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