Why sugar is bad for you?

6 Things to keep in mind while consuming sugar in daily life!

Sugar is bad for you if you are having it too much. Let’s dig into the details.
“Everybody’s got their poison and mine is sugar.

(Derrick Rose)

Yes, you heard it right, sugar could act like poison in cases where it is consumed in higher quantities.
Do you wonder how? Let’s have a look.

  • Weight Gain:

  • The first and foremost attack of sugar could be poisonous weight gain. According to healthcare providers, the human body must consume a selected amount of calories in a day.
  • But nowadays, people are having much more calories in the form of packed snacks and meals. Additionally, research has shown that people consume too much cola, beverages and artificially sweetened juices etc. All of these unhealthy food habits result in obesity which leads to heart disease later on.
  • Diabities:

  • Diabities itself is a poison which causes death if not controlled. Too much sugar makes a person’s body insulin resistant and the result is diabetes. Obesity or being overweight also causes diabetes.
  •  Sugar is bad for yourTooth Decaying:

  • People who have a diet based on sugary items are at higher risk of tooth decay. They may have cavities, gum problems and hurtful sensations in their teeth later on..
  • Heart problem:

  • Too much use of sugar in daily life raises bad cholesterol levels which leads to the disturbance in arteries that supply oxygen to the heart. It causes heart-related issues in many people.Highly sugary diets affect blood pressure and hence increase the risk of heart stroke or heart attack.
  •  Depression:

  • Depression is a slow killer. Too much and too often intake of sugar causes hormonal imbalance and leads a person towards depression. This mostly happens with the intake of sugary snacks.
  • These sugary snacks release the hormone dopamine in the body which gives a feeling of pleasure but for some time only. After a few hours, the brain demands pleasure again. The stoppage of this hormone causes tension, depression and anxiety.
  • Acne:

  • Distress and hormonal imbalance is a big reason for acne at a young age and both of these are due to the frequent and high use of sugary items.
  • How to avoid sugar in 6 steps?

  • Honestly, it is very difficult to avoid sugar completely but we can consume it in lower quantity by cutting down unnecessary sugary items from our daily life. We can cut down the daily intake of sugar by gradually reducing the amount of sugar.
  • So what else we have to do is :
  • 1. Cola(s) and Sugary Drinks:

  • Not only cola, soda, and energy drinks but also juices and smoothies have a great amount of sugar in them. As these are in liquid form so calories in such drinks instantly raise blood sugar levels.
    Make sure to avoid such drinks as much as possible. Herbal teas and an adequate amount of water are necessary to flush out the toxins in the body. It will also be beneficial for skin issues.
  • Sugar is bad for you
  • Credit of this artical goes to iqra Tariq.

  • 2. Bakery items:

  • Such items have a great portion of added sugars. Continuous use of bakery items in daily life surges serious health issues like heart attack, diabetes, acne, obesity etc. So better to avoid these items and have some healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts and fresh fruits also.
  • 3. Canned Food:

  • Canned food is a great choice in some situations because of its availability and inexpensiveness but be careful about the label of “added sugar” or “packed in syrup”.Fruits and vegetables have an adequate amount of sugar in them and usually,
  • this type of sugar does not affect blood sugar levels. But if the canned food has syrup or added sugar this certainly will raise the blood sugar level instantly. If possible try to buy the food stored in water or rinse the food packed in syrup before consuming it.
  • 4. Processed Food:

  • Try to cook and eat whole foods such as legumes, meat, grains, fruits and vegetables etc. The food that has been processed or refined like cereals, ready-to-eat meals, crisps, tinned vegetables etc may have additive artificial nutrients. These artificially added nutrients like salt, sugar and fat etc make it hard to manage the ideal intake of calories.
  •  Must read
  • 5. Eat Fresh:

  • Prefer to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned or processed food. Invest some time in cooking from scratch. Use substitute sugar in the form of spices and herbs like nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.
  • Try to add fresh fruits like bananas, apples and berries or dried fruits in the morning breakfast cereals. You can gradually decrease the amount of sugar in the cookies and cakes while baking.
  • 6. Replace Sauces and Ketchup:

  • Condiments are compulsory while eating food but the ready-made condiments are full of artificial flavours, added sugar, salt, chemicals and fat. These could be replaced by healthy options like kimchi, salsa, homemade mayonnaise, tahini and mustard.


  • To sum up we can say that prepared meals, canned food and mouthwatering beverages have made daily life much easier but health is critical. We must take care of our health to live more and enjoy more.
  • So whenever possible, be organic and cook for yourself from whole food. You will surely love this treat from yourself to yourself.

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