How to keep your heart healthy?

Heart is a main part of human is very important part in All humans.
  • Keys to a Healthy Heart*


According to cardiologists, if you want to live long with a healthier heart and reduce the risk of heart stroke or any chronic disease, you must focus on it.

Adoption of a lot of exercise and focus on a healthy diet

Research has shown that during the covid_19 Pandemic, it is noticed that due to lay in the door people become lazy and switch to unhealthy diets, which later terribly increases the number of death due to cardiovascular diseases like CAD .CAD drives due to high blood cholesterol.

We are here to suggest to you what to do and how you can keep your heart healthy? Because the heart is a vital organ that pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood, essential nutrients, and oxygen throughout the body. It is not a short kick. It’s a remarkable value of work for a muscle about the size of your fist.

The more you become conscious, and make your heart’s job easier, the longer it will keep you alive.

Nearly half of the adults in the world, mostly Asians and Blacks, are at higher risk of heart stroke due to genetic predisposition, diet, lifestyle, and economic factors.

However, simple, healthier lifestyle habits can prevent illness or high chances of cardiovascular disease.

Steps to be Focused are as under

1. Cut the salt is nessesary for healthy heart:

For heart health, say goodbye to salt and sugary products.

Intake of high sodium and sugary generated or cooked food daily can damage your arteries and increase your blood and sugar levels.
Thus, increasing the incidence of CAD.

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2. Drill of physical Activity:

Habitation of exercise daily for 10-15 minutes is like a backbone for a healthy lifestyle.


Walk on wet grass Makes your mind fresh and lets you feel fresh and joyful. Drilling this exercise for 30 minutes lifts your freshness and happiness and reduces stress and anxiety, possibly boosting the risk of coronary attacks.

2.  Join the kids:

Try to spend quality time with kids, an age group of 1_10. Take them to the park or join friends on walks. Children are the source of free fun. Enjoy their cackles, which will push you to rejoice or laugh more freely and help you forget worries for a time.

3.  Household chores:

Do not be a bench sitter

Moving one hand works longer than that stopping one.

The practice of indoor or household chores is also a great type of simple and cheap exercise. Household chores like mopping, cleaning, dishwashing, and cooking food, or looking after pets are a simple and vast source of engagement with work and lessen the ratio of hypertension and overthinking.

Overall, movement is better than idle sitting.

1.Stop Smoking:

Quit smoking if one wants to eliminate the high risk of coronary imbalance.

2. Switch to Addition:

No need to follow a boring dietary plan by removing all treats from your food.

Instead add fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your daily diet. These high fibre food additions to your meal will provide you necessary vitamins and minerals. Further more, they will also help reducing your cholesterol and blood pressure. Thus, you can opt fruits and nuts as a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth and make them your prefect snacking partners.

3.Burn the Fats:

Stop going cold with fats, and strictly take action to avoid high fat rates as it increases the risk of heart attack.

Use olive oil to cook food. Olive oil will not only flavor your food but also make it cholesterol free. Avoid red meat as it is rich in saturated fats. Avoid white meat for proteins like fish, chicken, or beans.

4.Sweet -cereals:

Stop sugar enriched cereals . Use Oatmeal because it’s a whole grain containing fiber and helps reduce cholesterol.

5. Be A Tea Taker:

Research has declared that both types of tea, black and green, are antioxidants and may provide small amounts of minerals such as potassium, sodium,

phosphorus and magnesium.

Taking 1-2 cup of tea burns fat and reduces the risk of heart attack.

6.  Check out Figures:

Examine your rate of blood pressure, sugar level, and cholesterol level once or twice a week. Set your target to lower your blood pressure at 120/80 if it revolves around 150/180. Buy your electronic kits or instruments for measuring these and the instant results of your tests.

Bottom line:

Consult with a cardiologist monthly while focusing on exercise and a healthy diet. Check and balance your numbers and eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts instead of red meat. By adopting all these habits, you will undoubtedly be able to stay healthy and live longer.

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  1. Its very useful article for all age groups…. mainly after 35 …..its help us how to healthy our heart… 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Very useful article…But tea doesn’t good for heart patients because it will raised blood pressure…

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