Importance of sleep and sleep hygiene

Importance of sleep is very big topic because without sleep human body can’t mange his life..
Importance of sleep

Importance of Sleep and Sleep Hygiene. 

Can you imagine a day of life without sleep?

Yes, you are correct. A healthy human could not even think of a sleepless day. Still, if you have experienced it in any situation, that would be the toughest day of your life.

Importance of sleep:

The facts have shown that a person sleeps one-third of his entire life. It means if someone is 60 years of age, he would have approximately 20 years of sleep. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into practically how it is possible to sleep this much!!!

 Have you noticed the sleep routine? Out of 24 hours, a healthy infant could sleep 18 to 20 hours, gradually decreasing to 8 to 10 hours when reaching a teenager. It does not stop here; adults can and must sleep 7 to 9 hours daily. It is because this is their body’s requirement.  

Do you want to know how sleep affects your mind and body?

Importance of sleep

 Dr. Merrill Mitler, a sleep expert and neuroscientist at NIH, says that sleep serves all aspects of our body in many ways, such as molecular, alertness and mood, energy balance, and intellectual function.

Sleep or nap time is important in adults as their cognitive development is going on during sleep, and their body is regaining its stamina to work again. In elders, sleep is vital as it will revive their stability and allow them to do their regular activities. When you are tired, you cannot perform well or think and focus clearly. Moreover, sleep boosts concentration, decision-making ability, and memory in older and young people. 

You will have clear vision, reasoning ability and problem-solving skills if you are not tired and taking a recommended nap. You will feel more energetic and focused and will avoid mood swings and depression and not over here as Michael Twery, a sleep expert at NIH, says, “Sleep affects almost every tissue in our bodies. It affects growth and stress hormones, our immune system, appetite, breathing, blood pressure and cardiovascular health.”

Have you ever heard about sleep hygiene? 

If not!, Let’s talk about it! 

It refers to healthy habits that help you have a good night’s sleep. You can adjust the habits, environmental factors and behavior to sleep peacefully, which your body demands. There may be other medical reasons for poor sleep, but in most cases, it is because of people’s bad sleep habits, especially when they have been practicing it for many years.

Don’t get disheartened if you cannot improve your sleep routine by following good habits because it could take some time to heal the sleep routine that has a deep bad root from the past few years. You should consider professional help if you are not feeling well for a long time, even after following hygienic sleep. 

What can help you to maintain sleep hygiene?

Your body is a great guide: you may or may not have noticed that when it’s time to sleep, you will feel more lethargy, tiredness, yawning, and lack of interest in your surroundings etc.


These all are the signs that your body is giving you to take some rest and have a nap. Pay attention to these signs, as they can ruin your sleep hygiene resulting in a poor sleep routine. 

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Your environment matters:

 What type of environment you have is important while lying down for sleep. To maintain sleep hygiene, you should make your room comfortable enough for sleep. You can dim the lights, draw the curtains, and maintain the temperature for a peaceful sleep.

Avoid Medicines:

 Too much use of drugs will affect not only your organ but also your mental health, and sleep will be disturbed. So it is better to avoid over-the-counter pills to have a good sleep.

Relax your mind and body:

 Dr. Winter explains. “If you don’t sleep, you undermine your body.” Everyone needs to have a fitness regimen because it will aid in falling asleep and enhance your sleep hygiene, regardless of how physically fit you are. But if you are not getting enough sleep for any reason, the exercise will not provide the required results because your brain needs time to deliver the benefits of exercise to your body.

What will happen if you follow sleep hygiene?

1.You will have a good weight.

2 You will not get sick often.

3 You will get rid of stress, depression and mood swings.

4.You will have a more clear and focused vision.

5.You will connect with people more effectively.

6.You will have improved cognitive and physical health. And the list goes on!


To sum up, a well-being body depends on a mind that is fit, and a healthy mind is following the hygiene in your life, whether it’s sleep hygiene or other.

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