Mental Peace

Peace of mind is not a matter of stress but it is a matter of understanding. Wonder how?

It is because you cannot keep your mind at peace by force rather you need to understand how to keep your mind at peace. It is all about your courage to confront your problems. It cannot be achieved by denying the difficulties of your surroundings.

As Dalai Lama said

“Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.

Peace of mind comes when you trust your God and yourself and don’t give value to others’ opinions. You are well aware of your doings and you are confident that what you are doing is what you wanted to do.

When you are optimistic you get peace of mind and hence you achieve your goals graciously.
You must understand that you can’t have mental peace with zero troubles in your life but with a positive attitude towards those troubles. Because life cannot be trouble-free so you should embrace a way to deal with it.

Scientifically speaking, the prefrontal cortex in the front part of the brain controls our emotions, feelings and responses so that we do not get so stressed out. A healthy brain creates a mental state of calmness to fight worry and anxiety.

The hormones also play an important role in calmness and peace of mind as the happy hormones help you to tackle problems and then produce a happy state in your mind. The brain is the director of the body and it is responsible for affirming,

all the emotional and physical healthcare traumas you have. Then it is the one to help you set to work against stress, anxiety, worries etc. You get an unpeaceful mind when the brain is not recognizing unpleasant situations due to some health conditions. This operation causes more stress , mental and physical health issues.

Curious about how to maintain mental peace? Here it is;

Must read.
Draw yourself near to God:

The one who created you could save you from despair and bless you with mental peace. If you get yourself into your religion you will feel comfort and peace at no cost. You can worship and seek His grace. You can meditate on your God’s Word. You can connect with people. You will be more kind and generous towards the community and feel big and proud.

Diet and Lifestyle:

Nowadays, people are having hectic routines and adopting unhealthy and improper lifestyles and they try to get some temporary relaxation by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle but deep down they are getting rapidly growing health issues. The foremost is the lack of a peaceful mind. Everyone is in a rush and has no time to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

No one cares about the sleep routine and waking up. A few people are concerned about the physical activity in the morning. People are destroying their minds and body in the name of modernism.

A healthy diet, regular workouts, and recommended sleep hours must be ensured to get a peaceful mind.

Spend Quality Time:

In the world of screens, one must have some time to spend with his family and friends. This also releases a hormone called a happy hormone and leaves a pleasant effect on mental health. If you want a peaceful mind, stay with your family, have discussions with them, cook together, clean together, laugh together and many more things to do together.

Nature is a healer:

As William Wordsworth said in his notable poetry Daffodils, nature is what heals a soul. One must stand and appreciate nature. Peace of mind prevails when you are surrounded by the beauty of nature. The scenery bestows the impression of love and tranquillity on your mind and you remain youthful for a longer period with a peaceful mind.

Bear the Circumstances:

Life is not only a path full of flowers. It has many unpleasant things like thoughts, feelings and situations along with it. You must face ups and downs on this path. You cannot diminish the discomforts and complications.

The accomplishment is when you stay calm and peaceful during this time.
Journal: keep a diary and put your thoughts in it in the form of words. This is a great Catharsis. The habit of writing whether in the form of poems, paragraphs, articles etc will let your mind at ease and you will have relaxation.


“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” —Eleanor Roosevelt
To put it in a nutshell, peace is not a thing to talk about rather is it an action to be done.

You can not have peace of mind by only thinking about it. You must believe in yourself and keep trying to get your mind peaceful by following the best practices.

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