What is Yoga?

Yoga has many benefits.I define types of yoga


Mental Health: 

Almost any form of exercise or activity can raise your fitness and lower your anxiety, depression, or stress. In this era, when life has become too fast and advanced, almost everyone started suffering from depression. Anxiety for a better and luxurious life,

fulfilment of desires, fewer opportunities and so on. Everyone needs to relax his mind by doing some easy and home-based or indoor and outdoor exercises: like gardening, jogging, dancing, yoga, swimming, etc.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the ancient philosophy and practice of health and well-being, addressing all dimensions of the human system like body, brain, breath, personality and emotions.

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A fundamental yoga principle is that your body and mind become one and connected. Daily yoga drills will balance and tone the connection between your body and mind and uprise your nervous ability to remain calm and relaxed.

Nowadays, it seems that many people turn to yoga when the feeling of anxiety starts to creep into their lives during times of stress. It is the most effective exercise for reducing stress and anxiety.

Types of Yoga:


Although experts has declared 11 types of yoga poses namely as :

1.Hero pose

2.Tree pose

3.corps pose

4.Triangle Pose

5.Standing Forward bend pose

6.Cat pose

7.Legs up the wall pose 

8.Childs pose 

9.Head to knee pose 

10.Fish pose

11Reclining Bound Angle pose .

*Read on to learn how to do some of our favourite stress_bustin.

  1. Fish pose: This pose relieves tightness in your chest ad back. This pose is very suitable for beginners and old yogins. It’s an uncomplicated therapy that calms the mind and relaxes the abdominal muscles. Practicioners should hold this pose for upto 1 minute in all shifts.
  2. Childs Pose: This pose is utilized for calmness of mind and supply of blood to the mind. This pose reduces hypertension and faded feelings of the mind, and the person feels too calm and relaxed. You can do this yoga pose at least 3 times a day for 30 seconds in each shift.
  3. Legs up the wall Pose: The drill of this yoga pose is just like a bite to an apple .practitioner dont have to stretch their body parts. This unique pose requires a wall as a prop to relieve pressure in the feet and lower back pelvic floor while inducing relaxation in the body with the help of controlled breathing. This pose could, too, drill 3 times a day for 1minutes.
  4. Extended Puppy pose: The easiest practicable exercise of yoga is this pose. It helps to ease the intensity of stress and reduce anxiety by stretching the spine, abdominal, and upper back while allowing your head to rest.
  5. Corps Pose(Asana):  It is the last pose in yoga. Corps or Asana pose promotes a sense of physical and emotional grounding, the whole body at ease, and leads to total relaxation. Corps pose is an excellent therapy to stimulate blood circulation. Exercise makes your mind healthy and fresh.

I recommend you practice yoga at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes. If you want to make your life stress-free and fit, then these 5 poses of yoga and sequence will be very effective for meditating.



Although recent research supports yoga to reduce anxiety, it may not suit everyone. It’s a high recommendation that before adopting any exercise, one should always talk to a physiotherapist .keep in mind that practising yoga can bring some uncomfortable feelings and emotions to the surface.

Always ensure you drill in a space that brings a feeling of safety and calmness. While practising yoga, discontinue the practice immediately if you ever realize that it is triggering your anxiety or stress instead of alleviating it.

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