Pressure points and their benefits in 2023

Pressure points in human Body.

Pressure points

Acupressure is termed the traditional Chinese method for the pressure points in the human body. This method seems secretive because of the pressure points and the energy that runs in your body which you can not see.

Acupressure seems to be similar to acupuncture. But, acupressure does not need needles for usage. By using your fingertips, you can do the acupressure on yourself.

Acupressure is termed as the application of pressure on specific areas of the body to prevent body pain or digestive issues.

There is a Japanese practice of massage therapy known as ‘Shiatsu’ which is a part of acupressure treatment.

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Pressure points in Hands:


Pressure points and their working:

Sinus and congestion:

Following are the ways to alleviate the discomfort that occurs in the sinus and congestion issues.

At first, in the middle of your brows, put your thumb and gently press it in the opposite direction to each other.
Secondly, put the thumbs in between the brows and press gently and take them towards between the eyes and nostrils in the same opposite direction to each other.

Stomach Sickness:

Between the two tendons, below the wrist and inside the forearms, there is a pressure point to relieve stomach sickness while traveling or in general.


Pressure points are located on the back of the neck to cure the headache in no time.
The other pressure point is located below the feet in between the thumb and index finger, and with a gentle press, you can cure the headache.

Mental illness:

To cure stress, there is a pressure point in between the center of the brows where the forehead and nose meet. Press the area gently in the opposite direction to each other and you would feel stress-free.


To increase the focus and keep the memory for a longer period, there is a pressure point aligned with the center of the eye, a finger width above the brow. This area is sensitive, so it should be pressed very gently to retain concentration and memory.


The above-explained ailments are thoroughly needed to be cured carefully and for this reason, the knowledge of pressure points of different body areas should be acquired by every individual to prevent any medical emergency.

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