The shocking side effects of smoking dabs you need to know


Risks of Smoking Cigarettes.

There is this infamous saying we hear every day in advertisements or on billboards which states that ‘Smoking is injurious to health’.

This article comprises on cigarette smoking which is equally bad as compared to other smoking options because it leads to severe disease and could be harmful to your body. It increases the risk of cancer,

heart disease, vision problems, heart stroke, and gum disease. Cigarette smoking also increases the risk for severe lung diseases such as tuberculosis and creates immunity problems like arthritis (rheumatoid).

Effects of Cigarettes on the human body:


Cigarettes consist of toxic elements from Acetone, Carbon Monoxide, and the commonly known substance Nicotine. When inhaled, it affects the respiratory system of the human body.

Smoking would affect for a longer period with the immediate complications that appear in the body. Quitting smoking could turn around the effects on your body.

There is no secure way to smoke. If you are thinking that replacing cigarettes with cigars, hookahs, e-cigarettes, or pipes would lessen,

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the risk of health issues, you are wrong. These things would worsen the health issues than before.

Because of these items, when they burn they generate more than 7000 chemicals which are more harmful and toxic and some of them cause severe health issues such as cancer.

In this article, we are discussing briefly the effects and symptoms of smoking that occur in the body.

Risk of Health and Cancer:

As we know cigarette smoking is harmful to health and could damage the organs of the body and make an adverse impact on our health.

Regular use of smoking increases the risk of inflammation and affects the immune system which then results in the chance of infection.

Smoking cigarettes results in increased cancer risk and various cancer types which includes which include cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, acute leukemia, liver cancer, kidney cancer, and stomach or lung cancer.

Effect on Mental Health:


Cigarette consists of a major ingredient which is mood mood-altering drug called Nicotine. It is highly addictive and habitual. This is one of the major reasons, people have difficulty quitting smoking.

Nicotine gives the brain energy but for a while, it reaches and takes off within seconds. When it comes down, to an individual having negative feelings it could freeze their thinking ability.

Problem in Vision:


If a person smokes for a longer period, it affects the optic nerve and vision. There are certain conditions that a person may develop which may lead to vision issues.

Cataracts: This condition causes cloudy vision

Glaucoma: It involves the pressure that increases in the eyes, which then increases pressure on the optic nerve resulting in damage to eyesight.

Issues of Respiratory System:

Smoking affects the airways in the lungs which are tiny hair structures that prevent dirt from entering your lungs. Cigarette smoking causes lung damage and loss of tissue that would not be able to revert.

The respiratory system affects the lungs which causes severe infections like tuberculosis and pneumonia and it also increases the possibility of early death due to lung cancer. Chronic cough could also be developed due to smoking and it could worsen the attack of asthma if you are already with asthma.

Heart issues due to smoking on the human body:

Research about smoking found that cigarettes are equally harmful to cardiovascular disease as well as other things. It damages the heart system which includes the blood vessels, arteries, and cells.

A highly toxic element Nicotine which is present in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to shrink, which stops the blood flow. Then this element increases the level of blood pressure, the risk of developing blood clots, and weakens the walls of blood vessels.

Heart problems become common if an individual is a regular consumer of smoking cigarettes, and they already had a past heart attack and bypass surgery then their heart health is at risk.

Effects on Hair, Nails, Teeth, and Skin:


Elements that are present in cigarettes could change the structure of the skin. It would altogether help with wrinkles, developing multiple types of skin cancer, premature skin damage, or delayed wound healing.

Smoking and androgenic alopecia are interlinked with each other, which is a condition that causes hair loss in males. It also causes hair loss because of the hormonal effects of DNA damage.

Cigarette smoking affects the toe and fingernails and increases fungal nail infections.

Tooth decay could be a major problem which is caused by smoking because it eventually affects the health of your teeth.


As we discussed earlier, the consequences faced by an individual due to smoking cigarettes could bring major changes in your health,

and that too in a negative way. It worsens the respiratory system’s health, increases diabetic issues, and brings skin problems, tooth decay, hair loss, or fungal nail infections.

The only takeaway from this discussion is to quit smoking as soon as possible to lessen the effects it brings on your health because ‘Health is Everything.’

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