High diastolic blood pressure

Breaking Down the Barriers:  A Comprehensive Guide to High Diastolic Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure and its Types?

High diastolic blood pressure

Blood pressure is the stability of the blood against the artery walls pushed by it. This pressure is made with each heartbeat which is being pumped by the blood from the heart into the blood vessels.

This pressure is known as systolic blood pressure, whereas when the heart is relaxed, the arteries stay at the lower resting tone to maintain some pressure in the artery is known as diastolic blood pressure.

What do you know about High Blood Pressure?

High diastolic blood pressure commonly termed Hypertension,  is a constraint where blood flows through the arteries at a higher pressure than usual. Normal blood pressure varies from 120/80 mm Hg. According to the research, about 1.30 billion adults have hypertension between the ages of 30 to 79. In other words,  hypertension is termed a ‘silent killer. ‘

Symptoms of High Diastolic Blood Pressure:

It is seen that many people found no symptoms or cues for hypertension, so they do not find timely treatment for the disease.

For this reason, physicians advise patients with this issue to check their blood pressure daily at home with the apparatus or visit the doctor.

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Following are the signs of hypertension, so the patient is advised to visit the doctor if they have any symptoms of high diastolic blood pressure.

High diastolic blood pressure

– Headaches in the morning time

– Heartbeat becomes irregular over a specific period

– Ears buzzing through the day

– Bleeding in the nose happens

– Slightly changes in the vision

– Body becomes lethargic and dizzy

– Feeling nausea

– Condition of vomiting after eating meal or staying empty stomach

– Chest becomes heavy and :painful

– Confusing state of mind, anxiety, and depression

Causes of High Diastolic Blood Pressure:

While talking about the symptoms that happen for hypertension, there are major reasons that initiate high diaslotic blood pressure.

– Obesity and being overweight

– Eating too much salty food

– No physical activity is done

– Stress levels go high

– Genetic issue of High Diaslotic Blood Pressure

– Irregular sleep cycle

– Excessive use of alcohol and beverages that leads to kidney disease.

How to handle high diaslotic blood pressure

The most important aspect in lowering high diaslotic blood pressure is the change of lifestyle which includes healthy eating habits, a regular sleep cycle, a routine of physical activity, and meditation to avoid stress and anxiety.

Other than these if the tips given below are followed carefully,

then it would help in controlling high blood pressure.

– Low salty foods

– Take calories and fat

– High-fiber foods

– Keep the weight healthy

– Eat in portion control

– Do more physical activity

– Avoid alcoholic beverages

– Do not smoke

Dangers of High Diastolic Blood Pressure:

While looking at the symptoms of high blood pressure then what causes are linked to it, there is a need to mention the risk factors that affect the human with hypertension.

– There may be an effect on the heart which leads to heart attack and failure.

– Kidneys would be damaged if not cured properly and on time.

– Eyesight might get affected due to high blood pressure

– High blood pressure leads to death due to not being cured on time

Treatment of High Diastolic Blood Pressure:

Prevention of high blood pressure is very much needed in the early stage to stop it from extending over time. Following are the steps that help in preventing high blood pressure healthily.

– Cut down sodium from your diet.

– Take the foods that contain low fats, and calories and are high in fibre.

– Workout daily for a minimum of 30 minutes

– Quit smoking and alcoholic beverages.

– Get 8 to 10 hours of good sleep.

– Do not take any random medicine if you find any symptoms of high blood pressure.

– Consult a doctor first

– Check the blood pressure in your daily routine to have a check.


To lower the risk of high diastolic blood pressure, an individual needs to consult a doctor to see any symptoms defined and see the causes that are risking the high blood pressure rate. Listen to the doctor’s advice carefully about the medications and treatments that would help in curing high blood pressure.

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