Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan

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Today my Topic is on Celebarty Syed iqrar ul Hassan.

Iqrar Ul Hassan.

My favourite showbiz personality is, Iqrar ul hassan.

Bio Garaphy.

Date of birth 29 May.

Born in Faisalabad.

Education.The Govermnet college Lahore.

Iqrar Ul Hassan.

My favourite showbiz personality is Iqrar ul hassan.

Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan, better known as Iqrar Ul Hassan, is a Pakistani television journalist and presenter.

He is the head of Product Developement and the host of the Pakistani Urdu-language live investigative crime,

television show “Sar-e-Aam” at ARY News.


His father has no more in this world.He has 1 One sister ,

and One brother and mother in his family.

Sister and brother both r married.

Wife & Children. He has 2 wives and One Son.

Wife Name.Qurat tul lain Iqrar and Farah Iqrar.

Son Name pehlaaj Hassan


Career.Sar e Aam show’Sar e Aam team.and Ary best Tv Achnor of Ary News.

Controversies Some Names.

The Sindh Assembly Controversy.
The Viral Video Controversy
The Second-Marriage Controversy
Minar-e-Pakistan Incident.

Awards.The get Many awards.

Favourites.favouite colour Black.

Favourite Dress Black shalwar kameez.

Favourite fruit Mangos.

(He said in one interview he eat Mangoes with Roti)

His zodiac sign is Gemini.

He attained a degree in Communication and Media Studies from Lahore’s Government College University.

Physical Appearance
Height (approx.): 5′ 11″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black.

Yai b prhye.

Start Career.

Iqrar Ul Hassan began his career as a newscaster and reporter in 2006 with,

ARY News. Later, he was made the head of product development at ARY News.

Iqrar Ul Hassan interviewing Ali Zafar on ARY News.

Iqrar Ul Hassan interviewing Many famous personalities in his life.

He is very Kind hearted person.

He is very famous Achore.

He is very Honest journalist.

He is the first pakistani Anchor to Address the perliment of Canada.

Sar e Amm:-
As a part of his job, Hassan has conducted a number of sting operations in several factories,

restaurants, and police stations. He proved with his stings that many of those

places were indulged in bribery, corruption, and adulteration.

Sar e Amm Name.
He Tell his interview when I thought about program name’

Friends n family suggest me two names for my new program that is “Inkar” and Sar e Aam.

Inkar is match from iqrar’ then I decide Name Sar e Aam.

Controversy detail.
Iqrar Ul Hassan’s team carrying out a sting operation in the Sindh Assembly

The Viral Video Controversy
In May 2017, a video of Iqrar went viral on the social media in which he could

seen walking around in a hotel room in an open bathrobe.

Apparently, the video was shot by his girlfriend in a hotel room in Dubai.

The video attracted the wrath of the public. However, later,

Hassan clarified the situation and said that the video was shot by his friend as a joke.

He also revealed that he received a threat to leave ‘Sar-e-Aam’ or the video would go viral.

The Second-Marriage Controversy
In 2018, Iqrar landed into a controversy,

when he took to the Twitter to reveal the details of his second marriage.

In his Tweet he wrote that he married Farah Hassan round 5 years back and everyone in his life, be it family,

people from his work or surroundings were aware of it. Iqrar also mentioned,

that the marriage was done in difficult circumstances and with the consent of his first wife.

He further revealed that both his wives share a good bond and often go out on lunch together.

The Slap Controversy.
In May 2021, a video went viral in which Iqrar was seen slapping a man whom he

was interviewing. After Iqrar slapped that man the people gathered around

them also started trashing that person and Hassan did nothing to stop them.

Initially, he was criticized on the social media for his act, but people’s opinions changed,

after Iqrar presented his clarification on the matter. He uploaded a video on his

social media accounts saying that the man he slapped was accused of sexually,

assaulting a minor girl (12-year-old), tying her hands, and ripping her clothes.

He added that the man had blackmailed her for several years. Further, he said,

When we managed to find this blackmailer. He blamed that girl saying that she stole 1.5 lakh Rs. from his car. As a human, not as an anchor, I ended up slapping him.

I have not done this in hiding or in any torture room. I knew there were a lot of cameras, people were recording it on their phones but I couldn’t control myself.

He is famous person that’s y many controversy know about iqrar’ Ul Hassan.

Iqrar’ Ul Hassan Main person of Ary News he is important part of Shan e Ramzan Transmission.

Iqrar’ Ul Hassan become judge in Shan e Ramzan debate segment and Quiz segment.

Iqrar Ul Hassan love potery.He is very knowledge about poetess.

Iqrar Ul Hassan Read poetry in Ramzan transmission his voice is very beautiful

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s tweet.

In another tweet he indicated how the passport and currency of Pakistan lack in value than its South Asian counterparts.

. His tweets irked many Pakistanis who criticised Iqrar and called him,

Read abouts waseem badami.

‘anti-national.’ They even demanded an apology from him for his tweets.

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s frist person who declared his All money Bank balance among the pakistani Nation.

He is A true pakistani’ he Love Pakistan A lot..

Agahi Award for “Anchor of the Year” (2013)
10th Pakistan Achievement Award for the “Best Tv Show of the Year” for his show Sar-e-Aam (2019).

Sport: Cricket.

Travel Destination: Las Vegas.

Iqrar loves swimming in his leisure time.

He is fond of sweets and loves to eat a choco lava cake.
He is fluent in the languages English, Sindhi, and Urdu.

Iqrar follows a non-vegetarian diet.
Iqrar’ is the food lover but also conscious for his fitness.

I have Iqrar Ul hassan mobil number but he is not reply everyone because he is A busy person.

My biggest wish to meet iqrar Ul hassan.

He saves many lives by the Grace of Allah.

He also help poor but not shown at many times.

He loves poetry.He Read poetry in Ramzan transmission.

His Urdu excant.

Last year attacked by Ib office.

He seave his life for Pakistan. I proud Iqrar Ul Hassan.

Mjsa Rabty k lya

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