Safe uses Of medicine.

Safe uses of medicine is very important factor in all ages.

Safe use of medicine:

Health is wealth.

Medicine is used to cure pain, injuries, mental illness and many more purposes. Despite its benefits, the hazard of medicine can not be ignored. Adverse drug events are increasing day by day.

82% of Americans are taken to hospitals after the inappropriate use of medicines. Safe use of medicine is very crucial for human health and wellness. Here are some beneficial tips for the safe use of medication.

Always read the labels of medicine before taking it. Please read the instructions for medicines and take careful observation of the direction which is written on them. If you do not figure it out, ask your doctor or pharmacist to elucidate it.

Always keep medicines of every type away from children and animals. So they would not be affected by it.
Keep a list of medicine, minerals, herbs and vitamins you use and show it to the doctor at the next meetup.

Always use the medicine that the doctor prescribed for you. Never use the medicine of others or on the instructions of nonmedical persons.

Store the medicine in a cool, dry place and keep it out of heat and direct sunlight.
Do not throw medicine in the trash or flush it in the toilet. If the doctor told you to do so, then go for it. Another way of disposing of it is to give it to the pharmacist, which offers safe disposal.

Talk to your physician:



Choose the doctor with whom you talk confidently. You will ask more questions about your medication when you are confident with him.

Ask about the name of the medicine. This will increase your knowledge about medicine. When your medicine is finished, and you take more, read the name carefully to avoid misguidance.

Make sure your doctor tells you the correct usage of your medicine. Ask about what things you will have to avoid while taking medicine. What precautions should we take?
You must contact your doctor if you have any doubts about the medicines.

There are a large number of cases of deaths that are the result of taking the wrong medicine. Many children die due to the wrong amount of drugs.

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Please make a list of things you use daily,

like vitamins, herbs and minerals, and keep it with you when you go to the doctor. Make a list of medicine, keep it at your home, and tell your family/friends about it so they can help you in an emergency.[ez-toc]

Always inform your doctor or pharmacist about your current health situation:

Do not use any remedy which you have ever heard about your friends or family members. If you find it useful, discuss it with your doctor first.

Always measure with the allocated equipment or syringe if the medicine is liquid. Do not use your home utensil.
Ask about the association of other foods or items you can take with medicine, like sugar, alcohol or something else.

Do not take the same medicine which is not for you.

If you are still determining if you will keep it in memory, how to use it, and its dosage, write it down.

When you buy over-the-counter medicine, ask your pharmacist about the side effects of the medicine and its interaction with other medications you take.

You must tell your doctor if you are addicted to drugs like alcohol or cigarettes, which can cause damage to your health.
If the medicine is not working, ask the doctor for an alternative.

Do not hesitate to take the already prescribed medicine without asking the doctor.
If you take different medicines for different diseases, make a chart to consume them easily.


Medicine is made for the cure of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. Its purpose is to relieve and make you healthy, but it will work when you take it correctly. Safe use of medicine is the only way to keep you healthy.

Medicine must be used correctly to avoid any dangerous reactions and adverse reactions. If you see any change in your health after the medication, you must seek medical help immediately.
Health is wealth.

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